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The Feathered Chevron Blanket

Fast forward two months. My other projects were done and it was finally time to sit down and try this out. I could sit here and go into all of the little details on what I tried first, what didn’t work and so on and so on but I will skip all that boring stuff. The point is that it took some trial and error but it made the final result that much sweeter.

Today I am here to share the final result with you. This pattern can work up in so many ways with so many color combos that I think you are just going to love it! I would love to see how you decide to work it up and with what colors. Use the hashtag #9603makers so that I can see all of your beautiful blankets or add a project to the pattern in Ravelry.

Before I share the pattern with you, I want to include that this is also available in a pdf version in my Etsy and Ravelry shop (clink button above). Why pay for a pattern that is free you ask. The paid pattern comes with a printer friendly pdf and a screen friendly pdf that are both easy to read and full of pictures to help you as you crochet. You will also receive a link to a full video tutorial on Youtube. It is well worth the small fee to get all of the extra help for the pdfs and video can offer.

Before I ramble on too much more, let’s get into the pattern!