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Circles to Squares Coffee Cozy

School is about to start just in time for our Coffee Cozy number four! This coffee cozy holds a classic technique - the granny square, and makes it into a fun and new style of gift. This coffee cozy works up really quickly and paired with a $2 reusable coffee cup from Starbucks and you've got a perfect gift for that new teacher, a new boss, or an old friend; really anyone!

Don't stick with my color scheme (unless you really like it). Make all of the circles yellow to bring a little sunshine to your friend's day. Make them all red for a threesome of apples for any new teacher. There are so many possibilities so let your imaginations run wild and then tag me so that I can see the results of all of those creative juices flowing! (Instagram: @9603designco).

To see the first three, check them out here.

Love the cozy but don't love the idea of crocheting it? Find it in my Etsy shop here.

Circles to Squares Coffee Cozy


Hook: 6.0 mm (US J Hook)

Tapestry Needle

Yarn: I Love this Cotton in Pewter (Color A)

Three Accent Colors (Color B) – I Used:

I Love this Cotton in Curry

I Love this Cotton in Mint

I Love this Cotton in Mango


Ch: Chain

Sl St: Slip Stitch

Sc: Single Crochet

Hdc: Half Double Crochet

Dc: Double Crochet


Note: This pattern consists of you making three granny squares and sewing them together. These grannies will be worked in the round.

Start with a Magic Circle.

Row 1: (Color B) Ch 3. 10Dc inside the magic circle. Sl St to first Dc and pull tail to tighten circle.

Row 2: (Color B) Ch 2. 2Dc in next St and in every St around. Sl St with Color A to the first Dc to join and change color seamlessly. (20 Double Crochets)

Row 3: (Color A) Ch 2 (counts as first Dc). [1Dc, Ch2, 2Dc] all in first st. (I would put a marker here because this will be the bottom of your granny square which will be important when sewing the cozy together.) 1 Hdc in next st. 1 Sc in next. 1 Hdc in next St. [2Dc, Ch2, Dc] in the next. 1 Hdc in next St. 1 Sc in next 2 Sts. 1 Hdc in next. [2Dc, Ch2, 2Dc] in next St. 1 Hdc in next. 1 Sc in next 3 Sts. 1 Hdc in next st. [2Dc, Ch2, 2Dc] in next St. 1 Hdc in next St. 1 Sc in next 2 Sts. 1 Hdc in next. Sl St to the top of the first Ch2 to join. You are now done with your granny squares so tie off and weave in the ends.

After making 3 of these granny squares it’s time to sew them all together! You can use whatever method you prefer but my favorite is the invisible seam from Make and Do Crew.

Now, when sewing them together make sure that all of your sides with just one Sc in the middle (the side that I told you to mark) is at the bottom and that all of your sides with 3 Sc is at the top.

Once your squares are sewn together, finish off by crocheting a Sl St around the top and the bottom of your cozy. ( I had to crochet a Sc in the corners of each cozy to straighten the edge a little bit.)

Final Note: My cozy is pretty loose in the stitches. If you would like one more tightly crocheted, use a smaller hook.

Don't have time to crochet now but will later?

Save it to your Pinterest board here.

Save it in your Ravelry library here.

* This pattern was designed by Julie here at 9603 Design Company. You are free to sell any finished products or share this pattern on any form of social media but please give credit where credit is due by always sending them back to this pattern. Thank you!

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