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Mini Tunisian Drawstring Bag

It's summer! Summer is the perfect time for taking a day trip to the beach, bringing a picnic lunch to the park, and visiting your local farmer's market. School's out, the weather's nice, and it's a great time to get out of the house.

These perfect days often become a little bit stressful when you start to pack for it. Trying to remember everything but then you get to the park only to realize that the picnic blanket is back at home. Maybe you get to the beach and think you forgot the sunscreen only to find it in the bottom of the bag later that day. Does any of that ring a bell?

Well, it resonates with me and it is what inspired a new bag design. The Tunisian Drawstring Market Bag is perfect for all of your summer bag needs. Honestly, it's good for all year round, not just summer. I recently put a question on Instagram asking what my followers would use this bag for and I got all sorts of answers.

  • Picnics

  • Beach Bag

  • Everyday Purse

  • Toy Bag

  • Shopping Bag

  • Project Bag

  • Book Bag

There were so many great uses for it! I even had several comment about how great a makeup bag it would be. I was mind blown. A makeup bag that laid flat? Perfection!

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had two bag patterns in the works. A market sized and a mini sized Tunisian Drawstring Bag. Both bags having the ability to lay flat, make everything in the bag visible, and now even an option for different sizes.

(Note: this post contains affiliate links to help support the content of All affiliates are tested by me and come highly recommended.)

Down below, I am sharing with you the pattern for the Mini Tunisian Drawstring Bag. You can also find a very helpful and informational pdf in my Etsy and Ravelry stores. The Tunisian Drawstring Market Bag pattern can also be found on Etsy and Ravelry.

Alright, time to cut the chit chat. Here's what you'll need for the Mini Tunisian Drawstring Bag.


Hook: I (5.5mm) Tunisian Hook with cord (Find my favorite hooks here)

Yarn: Any Worsted Weight Yarn, cotton is recommended. You'll need about 164 yards for the whole

bag, 17 yards for each section (a perfect scrappy project).

Handles: 4mm rope - 4 feet (Check pdf for the size rope needed for the Market Bag)

You may want to use grommets to make the button holes sturdier if you are planning to carry

heavier objects.

Tapestry Needle



  • This bag is constructed using Tunisian Short Rows. Short Rows are made by picking up two additional stitches each row until reaching the end of the original chain or row. Once the beginning panel is complete, the pattern will be repeated 9 more times. The final bind-off row will be sewn to the beginning chain and the middle opening will be closed up.

  • Only the forward pass is noted in the pattern below, the return pass is as follows. YO, pull through first loop on hook. *YO, pull through next two loops on hook. Repeat from * until one loop remains. Rows 5 and 12 have a special RetP so please note the difference in the pattern below.


Tss: Tunisian Simple Stitch

STss: Special Tunisian Simple Stitch

YO: Yarn Over

Ch: Chain

BO: Bind Off

FwP: Forward Pass

RetP: Return Pass

SlSt: Slip Stitch

The Pattern:

Leaving a long tail that you will use to seam later, chain 30.

Row 1: Tss in first 2 Chs. (3 Loops on hook before RetP)

Row 2: Tss in first 2 Sts and next 2 Chs.

Row 3: Tss in first 4 Sts and next 2 Chs.

Row 4: Tss in first 6 Sts, YO, skip 1 Ch, Tss in next Ch.

Row 5: Tss in first 3 Sts. SlSt BO next 2 Sts. Tss in next St. *YO, skip YO St, Tss in next St. Repeat

from * until end of previous row. YO, skip next Ch, Tss in next Ch.

* RetP: Work a RetP like normal until you come the BO Sts, Ch 2 over the BO

Sts, and then continue in your normal RetP.

Row 6: Tss in first 6 Sts, *YO, skip YO St, Tss in next St. repeat from * until end of previous row. YO,

skip next Ch, Tss in next Ch.

Rows 7-11: Repeat Row 6.

Row 12: Repeat Row 5.

Row 13: Tss in first 6 Sts, [*Yo, skip Yo St, Tss in next St]9 times. Tss in next 2 Chs.

Row 14: Tss in first 6 Sts. [Yo, skip Yo St, Tss in next St]9 times. Tss in next 2 Sts, Tss in next 2 Chs.

Row 15: Tss in first 6 Sts. [Yo, skip Yo St, Tss in next St]9 times. Tss in next 4 Sts, Tss in last Ch.

On panels 2 thru 10, the additional stitches will be worked into the Tss stitches of Row 15 from the previous panel instead of the Ch. When working into the previous panel, always use the STss which is worked in both the vertical bar and the top horizontal bar. This makes the seams of the bag sturdier.

Once you have finished row 15 of panel 10, finish off your bag with a SlSt BO. Leave a long tail to use in seaming up your bag. (See last page) Cut all yarn and weave in ends.

Seaming the Bag:

Turn your bag to the wrong side. Sew the beginning chain to the last row of section 10. I would recommend doing this one of two ways. With hook, Ch1, holding both Beg Ch and BO row together, SlSt the stitches together. Another option is to close off the last stitch and with a darning needle, seam the two together with your favorite joining method. Weave in tail.

Closing the Circle:

With the tail from the start of your beginning Ch, thread your darning needle. With the right side facing you, insert your needle under the last vertical bar from each panel. Insert the needle from the outside toward the inside of your circle in all ten stitches around. Pull tight. Weave in all ends and cut excess yarn.


Making the drawstring stopper, Ch 8, SlSt to the first Ch to make a loop. [Ch 1, 1 sc in each St around. SlSt to first St]. Repeat [ ] 2 more times. Sew down the middle of the tube, creating 2 channels for your rope to go through.

Threading the Rope. If using grommets, make sure you add those to your bag first. Find the middle of your rope and thread each side through the channels. Now, weave the rope in and out of your button holes made in the bag. Once to the other side, tie the two ends in a knot. Now you can use as a drawstring bag or pick up the rope in the middle to use with two handles.

Once you finish those finishing touches, you will now have a perfect Mini Tunisian Drawstring Bag.

If you are a little confused by the instructions, you might check out my pattern shops for the pdf of the Mini Tunisian Drawstring Bag. It includes extra instructions, a handy diagram, and lots of pictures to help you along the way. You can find it on Etsy, here or on Ravelry. You can also find the Drawstring Market Bag on Etsy and Ravelry.

Summers are also a busy time. If you love the bag but don't quite have time to make it now, make sure to go save it on Pinterest. You can do that here or by clicking the photos down below.

Before we go, I wanted to give a shoutout to my fabulous testers for testing this bag for me. You know who you are and this pattern would not be here with out you. Thank you!

Thank you again for all the love you showed for this bag. It always brings me so much joy to see other maker's projects from 9603 Designs. If you make either of the Drawstring Bags, please share it on Instagram or Facebook and then tag me so that I can see your beautiful work. You can also use the hashtag #minitunisiandrawstringbag or #tunisiandrawstringmarketbag to share.

I can't wait to see your creativity run through this project!



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