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Cool Mint Stripes Coffee Cozy

I love mint! I am so glad that it is so popular right now. I love how cool and refreshing it is while still maintaining a sense of elegance. I also love mint and gray together and that really was the inspiration behind this coffee cozy!

It is a simple pattern in that it only uses a single crochet but it is a form of tapestry crochet which can make it a little more challenging - but fun! I have lots of pictures (maybe too many) to hopefully help but please let me know if you have any more questions. Also, I'd love to see your finished projects so be sure to tag me on Instagram or send me a picture to

Don't have time to crochet the Cool Mint Stripes Coffee Cozy? You can purchase one already made up in my Etsy shop here.


Hook: 6.00 mm

Tapestry Needle

Yarn: I Love this Cotton in Pewter (Color A)

I Love this Cotton in Mint (Color B)


Sc: Single Crochet

Sl St: Slip Stitch


Ch 28. Sl St to beginning chain to form ring.

Row 1: (Color A) Ch 1. 1Sc in each St around. Sl St to first Sc to join.

Row 2: (Color A) Ch 1. 1 Sc in next St. Begin a Sc in next St.

Finish Sc with color B.

1Sc in next St with color B while crocheting over the yarn from Color A. *Begin a Sc with color B in the next St...

...but pull up color A and finish Sc with color A.

1Sc in next St with Color A while crocheting over the yarn from Color B. Repeat from * around. There should be a loop of Color A on your yarn after switching colors on your last Sc. Sl St to first Sc.

Note: Your yarn should be pretty twisted at this point. My advice would be to untwist it after each row so that you are not left with one big mess at the end.

Row 3-10: Repeat Row 2. Do NOT CUT ENDS. Continue with the yarn from the previous row but always crocheting over it when not in use.

Row 11: (Color A) Ch 1. 1Sc in each St around. Sl St to first Sc to join.

Tie off and weave in ends.

UPDATE: This coffee cozy was a part of a four part series. Find the other cozies at the links below.

Don't have time to crochet this cozy now and want to save this pattern for later?

Find it on Pinterest here.

Find it on Ravelry here.

NOTE: This pattern was designed by Julie here at 9603 Design Company. You are free to sell any finished products or share this pattern on any form of social media but please give credit where credit is due by always sending them back to this pattern. Thank you!

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