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Just Peachy Coffee Cozy

My son and I were running an errand the other day and guess what was in the stores already? School supplies! Can you believe it? Didn't summer just start? Why do the school supplies have to be coming out already? Well, that got my mind rolling! With school coming up, that means teachers are starting back to work again too. I taught Kindergarten for a year and let me tell you, that was one of the hardest years of my life! Did you know that teaching is hard! There is a lot of time and effort and love that goes into it with not a lot of pay in return. So, with the school year around the corner, why not make a little something special for your child's teacher this year. A little "Back to School/Please be Gracious on my Child" gift.

The Just Peachy Coffee Cozy is a perfect gift for that! It doesn't take much yarn or much time but is cute and so useful. I haven't given a coffee cozy yet that the recipient wasn't excited about. Also, did you know that you can purchase the plastic reusable cups from Starbucks for only $2? Plus while you're there, you might as well pick up a nice little gift card to throw in the cup! Boom! Perfect gift for that teacher - for anyone!

Don't have time to crochet a coffee cozy this week? You can buy one in my Etsy shop here.


Hook: 6.00 mm Note: I crochet pretty tightly and that is why I use a large hook, you might try using an H or a 5.0 mm hook.

Tapestry Needle

Yarn: I Love this Cotton in Pewter (Color A)

I Love this Cotton in Mango (Color B)

(You will only need about a fourth of skein per color)


Sl St: Slip Stitch

Ch: Chain

Sc: Single Crochet

Hdc: Half Double Crochet

Dc: Double Crochet

Dc2Tog: Double Crochet Two Together

Dc3Tog: Double Crochet Three Together


With Color A, Ch 28. Sl St to beginning chain to form loop.

Row 1: (Color A) Ch 1. Sc in next St and each St around. Sl St to first Sc in row.

Row 2: (Color A) *Sl St in first Sc. Sc in next St. Hdc in next stitch. 1Dc in next two Sts. 1Hdc in next St. 1 Sc in next. Repeat from * around. Sl St to first Sl St to join.

Row 3: (Color B) Ch 2. *Dc in next St. 2Dc in next two Sts. 1Dc in next St. Dc3Tog. Repeat from * around. You will do 1Dc instead of the Dc3Tog in this row. Slip St to the first Dc.

Row 4-7: (Start with Color A then alternate colors between rows) Ch 2. Dc2Tog. *1Dc in next St. 2Dc in next two Sts. 1Dc in next St. Dc3tog. Repeat from * around. Your last Dc3Tog will be a Dc2Tog. Sl St to first St to join.

Row 8: (Color A) Ch 2. Dc in same st. * 1Hdc in next st. 1Sc in next. Sl St in next 2 Sts. 1Sc in next St. 1Hdc in next St. 1Dc in next. Repeat from * around. Sl St in first St to join.

Row 9: (Color B) Ch 1. 1Sc in each St around. Sl St to first Sc.

Tie off and weave in ends.

I'd love to see your finished product! Leave me a tag on Instagram @9603designco.

UPDATE: This coffee cozy was a part of a four part series. Find the other cozies at the links below.

Don't have time to crochet today?

Find this post on Pinterest here.

Find this pattern on Ravelry here.

NOTE: This pattern was designed by Julie here at 9603 Design Company. You are free to sell any finished products or share this pattern on any form of social media but please give credit where credit is due by always sending them back to this pattern. Thank you!

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