Yellow Brick Road Coffee Cozy

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road, a good motto for any teacher this school year, right? Give them that reminder with this Coffee Cozy that is much cuter than any yellow brick road! A little sunshine and a little coffee to brighten their year!

This is probably my favorite coffee cozy so far. Of course, I'm pretty sure I say that every time. Just to warn you there are plenty of notes to read in this pattern, but there are also a lot of pictures to hopefully help you out!

I would LOVE to see your work so if you crochet this one up, send me a message or tag me in any pictures @9603designco. Happy crocheting!

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Yellow Brick Road Coffee Cozy


Hook: 6.0 mm (US J Hook)

Tapestry Needle

Yarn: I Love this Cotton in Pewter (Color A)

I Love this Cotton in Curry (Color B)


Sc: Single Crochet

Sl St: Slip St

Ch: Chain

Dc: Double Crochet

FpDc: Front Post Double Crochet


Ch 28 with color A. Sl St to first chain to form loop.

Row 1: (With Color A) Ch 1. Sc in same St and in each St around. Sl St with Color B to first Sc to join and change colors.

Note: In Rows 2, 4, 6, and 8 you will be doing a form of tapestry crochet. To do this, you must hold the yarn not in use close to the previous row so that you can crochet over it.

Row 2: (With Color B) Ch 2. *1Dc in the next 2 sts. Begin a Dc in the third st. Once you have two loops left on the hook, pick up Color A (you should have been crocheting over it up until this point) and draw through the last two loops.

Begin a Dc in Color A in the next St while crocheting over Color B. Once you have two loops left on your hook, pick up Color B, yarn over and draw through those last two loops.

Repeat from * around. On the last Dc with Color A, DO NOT change the color because now it’s time to Sl St to your first Dc to join.

Note: You can either cut off the Color B yarn at this point for a cleaner look, or you can just crochet over it all the way around Row 3 and pick it up again in Row 4 to save you from tying in a bunch of ends when you’re finished.

Also Note: You will have noticed that your yarns have started to get twisted from switching colors so often. I like to untwist them after every row so that there isn’t one big knot at the end.